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Expert Witness and LitigationIncreased regulatory attention and public awareness about indoor environmental quality (IEQ) has resulted in increased litigation and claims involving health problems and property damage. OSHA and the US EPA have referred to IEQ problems as the number one health concern for building occupants. The long term health effects from exposure to poor indoor environmental quality are currently under study. There are few standards that govern the practice of indoor environmental consulting.  

There are currently industry standards that address professional water damage restoration (IICRC S500) and professional mold remediation (IICRC S520). While many firms are applying these standards, there are those that do not. There are also training programs that are offered to the water damage restoration (IICRC WRT) and professional mold remediation (IICRC AMRT & IAQA CMR) industries that teach the basics of performing these services.

When there are questions regarding the practice of indoor environmental consulting; water or sewage damage restoration or mold remediation, RestCon Environmental can help to answer those questions. Our corporate office staff teaches the IICRC and IAQA courses. Additionally, they have participated in the development, editing and rewriting of these standards. As seasoned professionals they have extensive experience in litigation and claims support. The RestCon litigation support team provides these services to both plaintiffs and defendants. Our list of clients is not overly weighted with either side of the litigation issue. What this demonstrates is that we are truly impartial with respect to the issues. Our expert opinions are not influenced by which side we are retained by.

Benefits of Using Our Services:

  1. Fair and impartial opinions
  2. Experienced litigation support
  3. Knowledgeable support team

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